Duck Canvas

The cotton yarns that compose duck canvas are more densely and tightly woven than denim, amounting to a durable fabric that effectively resists weather and abrasion.

For bags with leather accents, we recommend spot cleaning the duck canvas using an all-natural canvas cleaner. To wash duck canvas garments by hand, submerge the garment for 1-2 hours in cold water using a mild detergent. Agitate the garment occasionally to ensure proper saturation. Rinse with cold water. While wet, thoroughly stretch the garment at its seams to help prevent shrinkage (this step is crucial with duck canvas, as it tends to be more prone to shrinkage than other cotton fabrics). Avoid machine drying. Hang dry instead.


Waxed Canvas

Our waxed canvas is simply a duck canvas with wax-impregnated cotton yarns. This results in a fabric that’s as strong as duck canvas with an added layer of protection against water, wind and agitation.

Waxed canvas bags and garments can be used for months (even years) without requiring care. When caring for waxed canvas, avoid machine washing and submerging in water. Spot cleaning or hosing off the product is recommended. Hang dry only. Re-wax after prolonged use with an all-natural fabric wax to maintain weather resistance.



The tanning process that animal hides undergo causes leather to be highly resistant to water, abrasion and debris. But leather still requires cleaning, hydration and protection – much like your own skin. How regularly you clean and apply care products to leather depends on your climate, lifestyle and frequency of use.

When caring for leather, begin with a horsehair brush to remove dirt buildup from the application area. Wipe with a dampened cloth to clean off any remaining debris. Using your hand or a designated cloth, spread an even layer of all-natural leather oil or wax onto the leather’s surface. Allow the leather to dry for several hours – preferably in a warm area, which will aid the pores in retaining the oils. When dry, buff with an alternate horsehair brush to maintain the leather’s sheen and remove any excess wax. Oils and waxes will inevitably darken leather that is lighter in color: but in our view, this contributes to a beautiful and unique patina.


Unless noted otherwise, we use sanforized (pre-shrunk) denim for our garments. This ensures minimal shrinkage and a fit that is true to our sizing chart, even after washing and drying. Many companies have nuanced opinions about what care methods promote the best aging for denim. We advocate for the first wash to be after several months of regular wear – sooner if dirt accumulates or odors develop.

Although a machine wash is suitable for denim, we recommend hand washing most of our goods. To wash denim garments by hand, submerge the garment for 1-2 hours in cold water that has been mixed with a mild detergent. Periodically agitate the garment to ensure that it’s properly saturated. Rinse with cold water and do not wring. While wet, thoroughly stretch the garment at the seams to work against any unwanted shrinkage that may result. Avoid machine drying. Instead, hang until dry.

Denim’s cotton yarns will eventually break down with heavy or consistent wear. We encourage sending your garment to us for repair before large holes or blowouts form.



Naturally resistant to staining, wrinkling and odors, wool is a material that requires minimal care.

When cleaning wool garments, we recommend hand washing in cold water for 30 minutes using a gentle wool detergent. After rinsing the garment, lay it flat and press with a towel until the excess water has been drawn from the garment. Leave the garment flat until fully dry. Avoid machine washing and drying. Do not hang dry or wring.