Black Waxed Canvas Jacket


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  • Waxed canvas is a 100% cotton material that has been impregnated with natural waxes top to bottom. This increases resistance to wind, water and cooler temperatures. Our work jacket features a tilted chest pocket for easy access and deep hand pockets that are sure to keep your belongings from falling out. Each raw copper rivet is backed with a leather washer to increase durability. We recommend measuring a good fitting garment against our sizing chart when choosing which size will fit you best.



    • -20oz USA 100% Waxed Cotton Canvas

      -Raw Copper Buttons

      -Hand Hammered Raw Copper Rivets

    • Our waxed canvas is simply a duck canvas with wax-impregnated cotton yarns. This results in a fabric that’s as strong as duck canvas with an added layer of protection against water, wind and agitation.

      Waxed canvas bags and garments can be used for months (even years) without requiring care. When caring for waxed canvas, avoid machine washing and submerging in water. Spot cleaning or hosing off the product is recommended. Hang dry only. Re-wax after prolonged use with an all-natural fabric wax to maintain weather resistance.

      Formed from 100% cotton yarns, waxed canvas will eventually deteriorate with heavy or regular use. We encourage sending your bag or garment to us for repair before large holes or blowouts appear.

Jacket Sizing Chart

19  18 16.25 24 24.75 4.5
S 20 19 16.5 24.5 25.25 4.75
M 21 20 17.25 25 26 5
L 22 21 18 25.75 26.5 5.25
XL 23 22 18.75 26.25 26.75 5.5
2XL 24 23 19.75 27 27.5 5.75