Filson x Sidnaw Huron Vest
November 22, 2022

Filson x Sidnaw Huron Vest

Our collaboration with Filson has me feeling like this whole thing has come full circle. To have partnered with a brand I have admired for so long and the history they have as a company is of epic proportions. For the Sidnaw name to be side by side with theirs is truly an honor. 

Way back in 2009 I was living in a small apartment building with some friends. Someone in the building had been evicted and all of their belongings were left behind. After walking by a pile of stuff on the ground for weeks I finally decided to take a look at it. The only interesting thing I found was a wax canvas jacket. I tried it on but it was about 5 times too big for me. Being in the habit of reworking clothing into functional items for myself I decided I would reuse the jacket and turn it into a pair of pants. They were completely sewn by hand with a needle and thread and I was really proud of them at the time. I moved out of that building a few months later and decided to hitchhike across the country out west. I had friends in Seattle so I figured I would end up there. When I arrived a few months later, my friends who were longtime Seattle residents took notice of my pants. They immediately new it was Filson tin cloth. I had never heard of the name before and i went to visit the flagship store and was blown away. That was my first introduction to Filson over 13 years ago. Needless to say never in my time of running Sidnaw Company would I have ever thought a collaboration would be in the works. A big thank you to Filson for being great to work with and for partnering with us. My wife and I hand made 100 of these vests in our factory. I am very pleased with how they turned out and I hope you all enjoy them. 

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Video: Ryan Humm